OCTOBER 11 - 13






Khevna Shah - All Hands Active
Craig Albert - The Game Makers


Ann Arbor District Library
University of Michigan Library


Oculus VR
Duo Security


Teams of experienced game developers gathering to compete and see who can create the most amazing VR game possible in 2-days. Food and snacks will be provided by AADL, the M-Library and our sponsors to keep everyones brains fueled.

We'll be lending out 1 Oculus Rift per team to use for gameplay testing.


Having access to multiple Oculus Rifts, we thought it would be great to connect game developers in the area and get them involved with the future of gaming. We think VR is the future, and couldn't think of any better way to help grow the VR community in the area.


Kickoff starts October 13th, 7pm at the Ann Arbor Downtown Library. We'll have Oculus Rift demos setup for you to play with in case you're not familiar with the Oculus Rift. Once all teams are registered, we'll move on over to the University of Michigan Undergrad Library where all the hacking will take place. For the public and those that couldn't make it to the competition, we'll be showcasing all the contest entries. Cast your vote and the team with the most votes will receive the People's Choice award!


Downtown AADL

  • Competition registration
  • Oculus Rift Demos
  • Entry judging
  • Prizes giving
  • Saturday lunch

UM Shapiro Library

  • Competition arena
  • Breakfast
  • Dinner

Contest Rules

Rules are subject to change, especially lists of allowed libraries and platforms.

Contest Admins will have final say in all disputes.

This is a bring your own computer event. Each team will be provided with access to ONLY one Official Windows machine and Oculus Rift for the event. Participants are allowed to bring controllers for their game as long as this is approved by an Admin.


All participants must be 18+ years old or in the company of a parent or guardian throughout the event.  While this hackathon will require experience developing interactive 3D software,  Artists and Musicians with digital production experience are encouraged to participate. Those who wish to participate are encouraged to pre-register.


On the day of the contest, groups of five will be created. Admins will help create teams for individuals who want to work in a team, but did not pre-register with a teammate.  If a team of five cannot be created, Contest Admins reserve the right to make smaller or larger teams accordingly.

Individual entrants inexperienced at game development may choose to be assigned to existing teams by the Contest Admins.


Pictures will be taken at the event and posted publicly. If you do not wish to have your picture taken, please inform an Admin as soon as possible.


A theme will be announced at the beginning of the contest. Contest participants must incorporate this theme into their games and will be scored on how well they accomplish this. Entries which do not incorporate the theme as a central part of development will be judged harshly! Contest Admins will be available to consult on theme usage.

On Site Development

You do not have to be present on-site for the entire contest. We urge contestants to go home and sleep, shower, eat, etc.

Most programming and art must be created onsite, during the time of the contest. Music can be produced and recorded off-site. Participants should bring in laptops, desktops, consoles, or any other development environment that they wish.

Submissions and Platforms

The official computers provided for the event will be loaded with Windows 7. All games must work on the official machines with the provided Oculus Rift.

Outside Assets

The experience participants submit must be created within the hours of the competition. Outside music, art, 3D assets, and sound effects will be allowed but must be declared with the submission.

Publicly available code libraries will be allowed, provided they are approved by the contest admins and listed below. If you have some personal, general code that you would like to use (e.g. DX or input device initialization routines, collision or physics routines, etc.) package your code as a library, and send a .zip file to the admins for approval.

Submit links and .zip files of libraries to be approved to admin@a2vrhack.com.


The final games will be judged by a panel of judges, other participants, and by the public.

Entries will be judged on the following criteria:


Submission guidelines will be posted on the day of the event. Teams must have submissions in by the deadline without exceptions.

Pre-approved Libraries, Engines, and Frameworks

Contest admins retain final say in regards to use of software and tools not listed below.  Contact an Admin if you wish to to use unlisted Tools.





Mods of Commercial Games



7:00 PM Registration Open, Oculus Demos Running! AADL
7:40 PM Registration Closed, Form Teams AADL
8:00 PM Theme Announched! AADL
8:00 PM Hacking Begins! Shapiro
8:30 PM Oculus Demos Closed. AADL


9:30 AM Light Brunch Shapiro
8:00 PM Dinner Shapiro


12:00 PM Hacking Ends! Walk to AADL AADL
1:00 PM Lunch AADL
2:00 PM Official Judges & Participants Vote AADL
3:00 PM Public Vote AADL
5:00 PM Voting Closed AADL
5:30 PM Winners Announced! Gifts Awarded. AADL
6:00 PM Event Ends. AADL